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Colon Hydrotherapy


  • ColonHydro Therapy Session - $70
  • Package of 4 - $240
  • Package of 10 - $550




Homeopathy is a safe, non-addictive, holistic system of healing which assists the natural tendency of the body to heal itself.

It recognizes that all symptoms of ill health are expressions of disharmony within the whole person and that it is the patient who needs treatment not the disease. Homeopathic medicine has been around for over 250 years and is safe enough even for infants and the elderly


Massage is the manipulation of superficial and deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue to enhance function, aid in the healing process, and promote relaxation and well-being. We offer many styles of massage to meet all of your massage needs



Our stand-alone a la carte services can be scheduled anytime through the online scheduling system. Pick the ones that best suit your needs or contact us for more information.

  • Integrative Flow 75 min - 80$
    Therapeutic Integration: Utilizing Reiki, Deep Tissue, Breath Work, and/or Chakra Sound and Crystal Balancing techniques, customized especially for YOU!

  • La Stone Therapeutic Massage 75min - 90$
    Indulge with the therapeutic effects of Hot Basalt Stones, used to melt the tension and detoxify the body and Cool (Jade/Marble) Stones to decrease muscle inflammation and soreness.

  • Prenatal Massage 60 min - $75
    Wow, your body and baby will love you! Pregnancy massage has been found to reduce stress, decrease swelling in the arms and legs, and relieve aches and pains in muscles and joints. Both mama and baby will benefit from the therapeutic effects of a massage. The mother-to-be will be comfortably side lying for the treatment. Ask about infant Ayurvedic massage!

  • Reiki 60min - $65
    Reiki is a “lying of the hands” healing modality that is translated as “spiritually guided life force energy.” A treatment feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around one. Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit creating many beneficial effects that include relaxation and feelings of peace, security and wellbeing.

  • Thai Massage 90min - $100
    This form of bodywork is usually performed on the floor on a mat, and the client wears comfortable clothes that allow for movement. Thai massage is also called Thai yoga massage, because the therapist uses her hands, knees, legs, and feet to move you into a series of yoga-like stretches. Muscle compression, joint mobilization, and acupressure are also used during treatment to provide a relaxing yet invigorating experience. No oils are used in Thai massage.

  • Reflexology 60 min - 65$
    Reflexology is performed by applying pressure to the feet and hand with specific thumb, finger and hand techniques without the use of oil or lotion. it is based on a system of zones and reflex areas that reflect an image of the body on the feet with a premise that such work effects a physical change to the body

  • Deep Tissue 60 min - $80
    Deep tissue massage is aimed at releasing the deeper tissue structures of muscles and fascia, also called connective tissue. Sonia, integrates myofascial techniques, trigger point therapy, and joint mobilization as an effective integrative treatment to release muscular adhesions (“knots”).

  • Deep Tissue 90 min - $105


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